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THX: Visual Concepts was the first company in Tennessee to put their employees through the THX home theater program.  We carry THX Tech II on staff for all our services, design to installation.  Just another first for Visual Concepts.

THX was formed by George Lucas of Star Wars fame.  He wasn’t happy with the way his movies were being portrayed to the public.  The theaters didn’t sound or look like the screening room he edited them in.  So he created THX.  This organization basically ‘raises the bar’ throughout the industry.  The THX logo lets the consumer know that this particular product meets THX standards.  (Which are very high).  Speaker, amps, receivers, tv’s, projectors, drywall, screen materials, and even complete theater blueprints can be submitted for THX approval.

ISF / HAA Training:  Visual Concepts also employs certified ISF and HAA personnel.

ISF:  Leading the way in proper video setup and calibration is the Imaging Science Foundation.  Learn more about ISF here:

HAA is a professional training organization dedicated toward home acoustics. Its purpose is to promote the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques specifically for the home.

The HAA brings together Manufacturers, Audio/Video Professionals, and Consumers in the pursuit of excellence. It is a melting pot for ideas and techniques for achieving great sound through calibration .

Sencore Academy: Secore is the industry leader in test and measuring equipment.  It offers a complete audio and video calibration school.  Visual Concepts employees are also ’Academy grads’.  Check out more about the Sencore Academy here:

CEDIA Certified: Custom Electronic and Design Association.  This association drives the custom integration business.  All aspects of the business are taught by CEDIA.  Visual Concepts employees are constantly in school…

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